Advantages Wireless Dog Fence Has Over The In-Ground Fences

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Wireless Dog Fence"Nowadays, when it comes to choosing the ‘’virtual’’ fence for your dog, you have two options. The first one is wireless dog fence which we all prefer and the second one is an in-ground fence. The only advantage second type has over the wireless fence is the ability to set the exact shape of the training ground. Other than that, wireless dog fences are the best choice and here is why.

Fast and simple setup

All you will have to need when you get wireless dog fence is to plug the transmitter and you are done. This usually takes a few seconds and your fence will be ready to use it. The transmitter will have to be placed in the center of the field, so your dog will be able to move in all directions evenly. It is also possible to adjust the diameter of the virtual fence, so as your dog starts accepting your orders, he can move over a larger area.

Boundaries that can be reset

The main feature or we can even say the best advantage is the boundaries that can be reset. What this means is that you can use the same wireless dog fence in different locations. Once you move it, just reset the boundaries and you are done.

Large coverage area

Most dog owners believe that wireless dog fences have a small coverage area. However, most of them have up to 2 ½ acres of coverage area which is sufficient for most dogs and most dog owners. The size of the controlled area can be adjusted (increased or decreased). Keep in mind that these fences feature circular fence shape.

With a wireless dog fence, you can easily provide enough physical activity for your dog, without the need of being actually there. It is a simple, hi-tech device that has a positive effect on the overall health of your pet.

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