Mistakes Players Of World Of Tanks Make

In order to become a better gamer of the World of Tanks, you must remove all mistakes. It is actually an easy procedure and experience is more than just needed for making sure you don’t make wrong choices. The following mistakes are common, so try not to make them.

  • Zoomed and stayed in one position

Most gamers will zoom on a specific location and stay like that for minutes. A single battle lasts for 15 minutes, so don’t waste your time. When you zoom in, you won’t know what happens around you, so it is possible that an enemy’s tank comes behind you and destroy you.

  • Hit tanks at the front

It isn’t possible to destroy a tank if you hit it at the front. All of them have the strongest armor precisely at the hull and below the torrent, so even the most powerful tank won’t inflict damage. On the other side, at the rear end, tanks are weak and destroying them is possible. Same goes for sides.

  • Don’t react to being hit

For some reason, players won’t move or escape while they shoot, but they are being hit by another tank. You probably think that you will destroy a tank and escape. There is no enough time for that, so escape soon as possible.

  • Attacking a tank with a higher tier than your

Higher tier or a higher level of a tank means that it has a better armor and more powerful gun. A tank from a lower tier isn’t capable of inflicting damage, so don’t bother. If this annoys you, try World of Tanks Hack which will allow you to get a better tank free of charge.

Don’t forget that World of Tanks is a team game, so always move alongside other tanks.

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