Prediction About Cloud Technology By Oracle’s CEO

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Mark Hurd is one of the finest CEOs of the IT companies around the globe. He is the man who has years of experience in managing the top IT companies. Currently, he is holding the reputed post of CEO in Oracle Corporations Inc. He is known for his cost cutting strategies, skills for understanding the present market and forecasting about the market trends. Recently, he has made certain predictions about the cloud technology which is the latest technology that has been benefitting the business of all the sizes to grow at a faster pace.

What the CEO has said about cloud in 2025?

Some of the predictions made by the oracle’s CEO about the cloud technology in 2025 are:

  • In the present, only 25% production of the apps is on cloud but in 2025, the production of apps on cloud will increase up to 80%.
  • Software development and testing will be conducted on the cloud platform.
  • Cloud technology will be the most secured IT environment. Hence, Oracle’s CEO announced that Oracle is ready with its unique strategies to cope up with the upcoming challenges in delivering the cloud technology to the world.
  • Enterprises are now relying on the cloud storage of the data so now the companies are focused on increasing the cloud storage so that a huge amount of data can be stored on the cloud.

He added, now there is a need to focus on the innovation and transformation in the existing technology for making cloud as the primary IT technology. By keeping in view the forecasts made by the Oracle’s CEO, the market analysts, researchers and the software engineers have got the help to work upon the cloud technology in the right direction. This will help the company Oracle to stay competitive and beat the competition by being ready for the future challenges.

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